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Adventure puzzle


Game Designer, Project Manager

& Soundtrack


1 week


Unreal Engine 4


Design & Blueprint:

Eira Saastamoinen

Mattias Nordebäck

Maximillian Treven


Juuso Mutikainen

Lisa Jansson

Fredrik Jansson

Game Description

The Shroom folks attacks your perfect world. They make flowers grow, spread love and happiness in the valley.

Euw! Disgusting! This is the apocalypse!

You need to destroy it and take it back to normal with the world in the perfect state of fear and destruction.


Shroomagaddon is an adventure puzzle game where you collect the evil crystals and are able to destroy the new world. Pick up the two different potions to get your powers, lifting and destroying to take you through the three different puzzles. Go over the river, open a passage and make crystals and mushrooms explode. Nothing nice or sweet can stand in your way.


Using a linear gameplay going from different puzzles to progress through the level. 

Starting with tutorial where the player learns the two different mechanics, lift/move with the blue potion bottle and destroy with the red potion bottle. 

Puzzle one where the player moves crystals to mushrooms to make the invisible bridge visible and get to the destruction crystal. 

Between first and second puzzle there are two walls of crystals that the player needs to destroy with the red potion.

Puzzle two where the player activates the crystal trees in the right order to open the gate to Shroomtown and get the second destruction crystal. Using the blue potion bottle.

Puzzle three, destroy all the mushroom houses to find the last destruction crystal.

At the end you can build your evil machine to destroy the peace and joy.


Level Design



Uplifting and fitting into the environment of the game being cute and colorful while the character is evil and not fitting in.

Shroomageddon Soundtrack
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